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What was your journey of becoming a pro stock trader like?

Posted on 16 June 2019

I do not consider my self a pro trader yet. But a trader.

I graduated. Came home. Father showed me profit of a single trade in one day. All of a sudden I knew this is what I wanted to do.

  • I started trading without knowing any thing. Foolish move. Blew my account.

  • From a popup add I ordered some day trading books. Read those and that is when I changed my broker and started using charts. Made some profits but blew my account again.

  • Headed to some trading forum looking for ultimate strategies while ignoring common business sense. Without back testing any indicator started trading and blew my last account again.

  • Still solid, opted for study and pursued MBA Finance for knowledge. Didn't help me in traded but made me a better version of my self. Got a jon in second year but side by side kept tracking stock markets. Started many time with as little as 10k but ultimately blew it in the hopes of making castle out of it.

  • Then finally had to do job from 2012 till 2017. Side by side working on strategies. Paper trading. Then whatever these books teach, I found out in my 5 year back testing. I made some methods which gave me steady 4 to 5 % risk free profits on capital traded. This is the time when I learnt, diversification, mitigating loss, cutting bad trades, risk reward etc and kept improving. But returns were not so much that it can sustain my expense and saving. So kept waiting for money.

  • I got married in between and knew its now or never. I had to take a leap of faith in my self. I knew my steady and low profit way was not sufficient but real time market scenario may give more profits and I might succeed. I resigned from the job. Arranged money in my notice period. And started trading.

Its my third month. First month was at a profit of Rs. 13000/-. Second at Rs. 60000/-. Third I am waiting for expiry. It seems like it will round up somewhere near Rs 72000/- which is near 6 to 7 percent of my capital and slowly increasing it every month by removing the mistakes.

Thanks for reading.

Edit 1:

  1. Some fellow are asking about the strategy I use. I trade weekly Nifty and Bank Nifty Options. I started with stock options and shifted to index options.

  2. I am thankful to guys who asked me to be cautious. My trading capital has doubled and now I also work as a sub broker with Angel broking helping fellow traders. I have a site which can be accessed from my profile where I share my trades. I also conduct workshops for teaching my strategies. I also have a free telegram channel and do offer PMS services now.

Rohit Katwal

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