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Charges for our Algorithm Services:

1. Fixed 1% non - refundable one time charge.

2. Quarterly Maintenance Charges applicable.

For queries on Algorithm and charges we can be reached on WhatsApp on 9317031199. 


1. How do you deploy Algorithms?

We have the algorithm code for various strategies, which we keep on updating for bugs, new strategies, market and regulatory changes (changing of expiry dates, order types or other problems) and help setup algorithm for users from starting till end. The process is very easy. Once setup and delivered, the code runs smoothly handling all intraday trades according to logic. 

2. Which brokers do you use for deployment of Algorithm?

We might recommend a broker based on our experience with various algorithm platforms. Get in touch with us and we can discuss.

3. Do we have to run Algorithm ourselves?

No. We set it up for complete automation. Once set, you can monitor, but no intervention required.

4. What is the preferred brokerage?

Since the BANKNIFTY lot size is changed to 15, if your capital size is less than 25 lakh, Rs. 5 per lot brokerage should be ideal. For Nifty Rs. 11 per lot.

If capital is more than 25 lakh then recommended brokerage is discount brokerage of 20 or less per order. 

5. Who should not opt for Algorithms?

Every Algorithm has a set of strategy running. We have shared the past statistics of the strategy with you. This is indicative of how the Algorithm has worked in the past and based on this how it may work in the future. But this is not a guaranteed return method. Algorithm will generate losses and profits as it will run. We can have a losing day but a winning week. A losing week but a winning month. Losing month, but a winning quarter or a year. So, if you don't have an appetite for day-to-day losses and profits, then don't opt for it. Special note, if you are on borrowed or loan money, I suggest you don't trade with it in the stock market. 

Series of losses have tendency to rattle most patience of traders. 

6. Why the Algorithm Cost and Maintenance Charges?

We have to make money for our efforts. Quality comes with a price. Algorithm is just not automating. Its "back testing, coding, bug fixing, developer cost, new strategy development, employee cost and other administrative cost". For the amount of work that goes into Algorithm at its development, this fee is very nominal and non-negotiable

We charge 1% as 1 time fees. If total capital required to run Algorithm is 10 Lakh, then the fees is 1% i.e. Rs. 10,000 which is a onetime nonrefundable fee. This is the only fees. For queries kindly contact on telegram at: 🔗Rohit_Katwal

7. Can we get any assured returns while running the Algorithms?

Nobody can give you assured returns apart from FD or Government Bonds. We provide Algorithm and its statistics for you to make an informed decision. We provide following:

      a) Quality back test: Stats brokerage and taxes. It also includes 2.5x the normal slippages.

      b) Quality execution: Although 2.5x the slippages already results in better execution than back test.

      c) Constant Improvement: We keep upgrading or improving the Code, Bugs, Strategies etc. 

8. How do we start?

After you have understood the service charges, you can fill the service request form given at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you and do the needful. 

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