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Is option trading worth it?

Short answer is Yes.

I have been trading in stock markets for last 10+ years and for 8 years our of that I have been an Options Trader.

Trading is like any other business. You buy low and sell higher. Multiply with quantity and you have your profit/loss.

Options are no different. Just like a stock, you can buy a call if bullish and square it off at higher price for profit. If bearish you can buy a put and when price moves higher you can square it off at higher price for profit. If you are wrong, you can have a pre-defined stop-loss.

This is Options Trading.

For eg. Let us assume you have a capital of ₹50,000/-. A Nifty call option with strike 11,100 is trading at ₹100/-. So you can buy 6 X 75 = 450 quantity of calls. If Nifty gives a move to upside and price of call options goes to ₹120/- which is very much possible, you are immediately sitting at a profit of 20% on traded capital. Which should come around ₹9,000/- here.

But this is not why option trading is worth it.

For this 20% to happen, Nifty should move up very fast. And this is where it gets tricky. If Nifty does not move any where, there are chances that value of ₹100/- might go down to ₹90/- because of time decay and you might have to hit your 10% stop-loss even when Nifty spot was steady at the point where you bought. See. You are basically trading with no added benefit of options apart from leverage with small capital. If you had future contract, it's price would have stayed at your bought price and you could have come out breakeven.

Option Trading is a different thing. Let me tell you how.

Whole premise of trading is built upon the fact that where the market can go but Option Trading is about where the market will not go.

These two lines make all the difference. 👆

Option Trading is a game of strategy.

  1. You can make money when markets are going up.

  2. You can make money when markets are going down.

  3. You can make money when markets are sideways.

  4. You can create strategies where if you are wrong then you can exit with least possible damage.

  5. Worst case scenario, you are total wrong and then also you can end up in profit.

  6. Fearing of a black swan event, you can have a hedged strategy, which can save your capital from any unlimited loss also. And that loss can also be minimised.

  7. You can combine it with stocks or fututres to limit losses and hedge your portfolios.

  8. And best of all, you can use it as a tool to generate Monthly Income.

You can plan for every kind of market. Every kind of eventuality or uncertainty.

And that is why Option Trading is worth it.

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