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Additional Benefits:
1. Exclusive Membership to Discussion group KAM - Private Access for hand holding during learning process.
2. Stocks outlook will be shared by Rohit Katwal for education purposes where move might come giving learning opportunity to mentees. 

3. These are not recorded sessions. Mentees will have to be present to be part of learning. 

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Workshop Fees: Rs. 15,000/- (per candidate exclusive of GST)

Fee is non refundable

Sessions have to be attended in person and recordings are not available. 

Payment can be made on:

Katwal Asset Management
Type - Current Account
Bank - Axis Bank Ltd.
A/C No. - 921020002766241
IFSC Code - UTIB0000857
MICR - 74211102

UPI - katwalassetmanagement@okaxis

Queries: WhatsApp on 93170-31199 for queries. Once the payment has been made, please notify through email on or on WhatsApp.


Option Trading for a Living

If options trading is what you want to do, then this course is for you. Understand that this course is not for intraday or weekly options traders. Even when it comes to NIFTY and BANKNIFTY the workshop is for positional trading so decide accordingly.

Workshop Details

Training Schedule:

Module 1: Risk Management and Position Sizing

26 May 2024 (11 AM, Sunday)

Module 2: Technical Analysis Master Class

2 June 2024 (11 AM, Sunday)


Module 3: Quantitative Analysis of Market

9 June 2024 (11 AM, Sunday)

Module 4: Option Strategies and Adjustments

16 June 2024 (11 AM, Sunday)


**Please note this is tentative schedule that can change based on emergency.


Risk Management and Position Sizing

  1. Expectancy

  2. Capital Requirement

  3. Risk Management

  4. Probabilities

  5. Position - Sizing for option buyers and sellers


Technical Analysis Master Class

  1. Basics of Technical Analysis

  2. Momentum Trading Setup

  3. Reversal Trading Setup

  4. ADX Trading Setup

  5. Trend Following Setup for investors

  6. How to create your own scanner?


Comprehensive Quantitative Analysis

Comprehensive Option Chain Analysis to complement your trading decisions.  Learn what the fund houses and big money is doing and where the positions are being built even before the retailers know about it.


Option Strategies and Adjustment Required

Option Strategies required to profit in trending and sideways market with adjustment technique. 

Some of the widely used strategies that we discuss are 

  1. Bull Put / Bear Call Spreads

  2. Iron Condor

  3. Ladder

  4. Calendar Spreads

  5. Iron Fly

  6. Covered Call Strategy

  7. (Bonus Strategies for Expiry Trading)

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