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What is the best trading strategy in intraday for NSE India?

Representing something I wrote in my other answer.

This is simple strategy which needs practice.

For day trading let me give you an example I used at the beginning. I don't day trade now as it is exhausting for me. But if I have to, then I will probably do it like this.

  1. I will work on tick intraday charts. No five minute or ten minute candle.

  2. I won't trade for first 1 hour.

  3. I will chose top five to ten most volume based traded stocks for the day. Probability is that they will keep moving in the same direction because of volume regardless of market ditection.

  4. I will keep around ₹50,000 to day trade. I will use leverage of 1:4 which goes around ₹200,000/-.

  5. Now see the drawing below. Sorry for mess but it gives example.

This is what intraday tick or line chart is like. You don't focus on more then 5 to 6 stocks. And have a quick hand idea on how many stocks you can purchase for ₹100 or ₹200 or ₹500 etc stocks. Also you should be with trusted broker with minimum intradaybrokerage. Since number of trades are more, it matters.

  1. In first one hour the trend is established.

  2. Up trend is higher highs and higher lows.

  3. Down trend is lower highs and lower lows.

  4. So when price moves up you enter at green cut and exit at red. Previous low is the stop loss where you exit.

  5. Similarly for sell side trades.

You repeat it till end of day. In the start I have made ₹2000 to ₹5000 with this strategy on ₹100,000/-.

Few things to remember.

  1. Dont stick to losing trade.

  2. Be mechanical.

  3. It's by the end of day when total is positive.

  4. No. Of trades can be many.

  5. It doesn't require any unread at or historical charts.

This strategy works on any kind of market because you are choosing stocks that are already moving.

Let me know if I can add any thing.

Note - It can be dangerous if you just read it and went on applying it. There can be 30 to 35 trades in a day with this strategy. As far as I am concerned I used it pretty succesfully. It only fails when you don't follow money management and stop loss rules. It's in the end that total profit counts. Many times first two trades are losing ones. Understand the system first then trust it and apply it. Colors are for understanding purposes. Line or tick chart is like any other chart that is red in down green in up.

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