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Performance of Algorithm - August 2023

In the month of August, 2023 this is how our Algorithms closed.

This is a comparitive analysis of what are the real results vs the backtest results. Intraday Explosion, our buying Algorithms has been the sole loser in last 2 months. We have made some changes to buying Intraday Explosion algorithm going forward, result of which shall be positive in the coming months.

Apart from that:

Quad returned - ~1.9%

Harmony Returned - ~1.67%

Bullseye Returned - ~1.8%

We have made several changes to algorithms and going forward believe that this performance will gradually increase. In case of quad and harmony, we had to stop algorithm for 1 day due to errors. Otherwise we advertise that our real results in execution are much better than the backtest which can be seen from the table above. Intraday Explosion and Bullseye Results are better than its backtest.

Rohit Katwal

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