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Closing March 2023 at 3.5% gain

A lot of stock options positions created this month. But worst performer was IEX where I should have taken a stoploss but ended up hitting 1.2% loss to me on total capital.

I am not a zerodha user so I cannot post the red/green square heat map but I have started taking every day net profit loss from my net positions to track how my PNL is moving.

What I have learn't this month is that in stock options, never adjust. Hit the stoploss. And take the next position.

All the positions were mix of trend, sideways and reversal trades. From next month I will share the trade journal on how the trades were taken.

For now holding some sideways ironfly on BANKNIFTY. Bullish position in HDFCBANK and INDUSINDBK. An Iron Condor on BAJFINANCE.

Happy Trading.

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