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February 2024 Batch

Live Trading
Active Trade Management and Options Adjustment

Proper Position Sizing

Technical Analysis

Risk Management in Weekly NIFTY BANKNIFTY Options

Mentorship Group

mentorship Performance

Benefits of- Mentorship Group?

Live Trading Group

  • Live Analysis of NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY for weekly options

  • Live Trades of Rohit Katwal are shared. 

  • Logic for taking trade is shared. 

  • Adjustments if necessary are taught.

  • Risk Management and Position-Sizing optimal for Weekly Options. 

  • Technical Analysis required for Weekly Options.

  • It is a systematic approach to option selling.

  • This is not an Intraday Trading system.

  • We learn to trade options in a laid-back manner. 

  • Idea is to minimize risk and trade comfortably without having to panic in adverse market. situations. 

  • Basics of options is must. Ideal capital to trade is 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh. 

  • We trade option strategies based on the market conditions presented to us. It can be calendars, bear call, bull put, iron fly or any kind of spreads ideal for current market. 

Google Meet Sessions

  1. Doubt sessions are covered in Telegram Channel. 

  2. Weekly Google Meet Sessions are done to discuss the queries of mentees regarding trades. 

Help select a Broker

  • Stable Broker

  • Per Lot and Per Order based brokerage (20 per order or 4 to 9 per lot based on capital.

  • Dedicated RMS in case of tech breakdown.

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