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Overlooked stocks for Option Trading

For some time I have gone back to fundamentals. Taking a trade where opportunity exist rather than taking a trade on Index and keep on firefighting the trade with adjustments, counter selling with a panic of short covering rallies or gamma burst. And believe me the results are awesome once you detach from the heard mentality. Look at IEX for moment. There might not be a trend, but a reversal at play which can be used to create option positions with great Risk:Reward or high probability trading opportunity.

All one needs to do is look beyond the obvious and addicted moves of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY.

Take another example of M&M. This yellow circle is when we picked the breakdown of M&M and the trade went with great profit without giving any jitters.

As soon as we received 90% of the profit from the trade, it was closed, and we started looking for a new opportunity.

Consider for example POLYCAB, PERSISTENT all shared in our telegram group

All perfect example for a short trade.

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