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Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading

Over time I have received many workshop queries. I have stopped doing workshop for my trading system as I want to concentrate on personal and PMS trading.

I have shared everything I know about the markets in this book. This book is designed in a reader friendly way. It is just not some trading method but a comprehensive approach to trading.

It teaches you:

1. How to form a broad view of the market?

2. What kind of Position-Sizing is required for this view?

3. What will be the Risk:Reward of the trade?

4. What will be the safest Option Strategy?

5. How to manage the loss with a strategy in a worst-case scenario?

This is a complete trading system which will take you from a - z of successful Option Trading.

You can purchase this kindle book on Amazon under title - Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading.

When we execute a trade, it can result in: Big Win, Small Win, Break-Even, Small Loss & BIG LOSS. This book teaches you how to avoid the Big Loss and you automatically become profitable in the long run.



Happy Trading

Rohit Katwal

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