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How interesting is the lifestyle of a full time stock investor/trader?

Posted on 24 May 2017

I am a trader, so I hope I am eligible to answer. It depends on what you call interesting. I am married and we live in a joint family.

My day usually starts at 0730 am with a cup of tea and reading ePaper of The Hindu followed by Economic Times and a last glimpse at Moneycontrol. At 0850 am I start getting ready as the market starts at 0915 am. At least I am very punctual till this. Whatever happens, I am at the terminal by this time.

I try to take position till 1030am or look if any of my position is in danger zone while my wife gives me breakfast. Once I have checked everything and taken any position or if in mood try to help my wife in little works. We tease each other, cuddle in between, eat something together, go to market if we need to. Then occasionally I come and scan all the stocks to see if I need to enter new position or exit some.

At 230pm I am again at terminal scanning for exits if needed along with new positions. At 330pm I am again in my room or I see movies or tv serials.

I follow a strict diet and at 0700pm I am at gym. At 0900pm I am again home with my wife and we watch tv or downloaded movies in hd on tv making our little room a home theatre.

On holidays I help in various outside works related to home. By Thursday and Friday we decide what to so on saturday and Sunday as they are super boring for me. We head out to some hill stations, have dinner outside or sometime visit nearby cities for fun and shopping.

This august we will be welcoming a new member to our family so we plan for that too.

In all, I love my life. I have freedom to do anything while I can make money from anywhere and see it being credited to my account.

Edit 1 - We play Clash of Clans. A Lot. Me and my wife both in our free time. Sometimes we both chat while I am in study room and my wife in room. Over clash of clan reinforcements and all. :)

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