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How glamorous is the life of a trader?

Posted on 6 July 2018

It's not. If that is why you are considering to be a trader then reconsider. With respect to glamour, let me point some pros and cons.


  1. You have to stick with the terminal from 9 to 3:30. Preparation starts before that even.

  2. Have to keep track of news that might effect your overnight positions or would effect position you are going to take.

  3. Emotional drainage when market is against you. Obviously thats part of the game.

  4. I don't know another trader in my town and very few people around me know what I do for a living. Hell I don't know any other trader in my state.

  5. To those who don't know what you do, you are gambling or lazy enough to get a job.

  6. Wife thinks that you have got an easy way to earn and life just comes easy to you. And for that you are under appreciated for how you provide to them. Bummer. . They never know while you are trading, it's your mind doing the work and how many calculations are going inside.

  7. Post market hours and Saturday Sunday can be boring sometimes.

  8. Sometimes you can't find someone with whom you can talk markets. Closest thing is wife which sure do tries to understand what you say out of excitement and oblige you with listening.


  1. You are your own boss.

  2. Your earning depends on how you perceive markets and your trading discipline.

  3. Your money is compounded if your decisions are wise and one day you can be rich. Then you can talk about glamourous life.

  4. Freedom to work from anywhere.

That's what I can think off right now.

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