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#STRAT18 Algorithm - Launch

Today, we are launching our new #STRAT18 algorithm. This algorithm is mix of 18 strategies. Instruments that it trades on include NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY. Its perfect combination of diversification between sideways and trending market. That is why even in the volatile market of 2023, it has remained focused on lesser draw down and generating some returns month on month. We believe that once the vix starts to rise, the performance of the Algorithm will eventually increase. We have also started a new approach where in rather than waiting for 3 month for a strategy to fail, we keep monitoring our, strategies every week to see if any strategy is lagging because the market structure has changed. If it has changed, then find a replacement for strategy before it affects the whole algorithm.

Here is a glimpse of #STRAT18 Algorithm Statistics.

Rohit Katwal

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