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Our Exclusive Momentum Scanner

We have an exclusive educational group named KAM - Momentum Scanner. Stocks like KESORAMIND, BRIGADE, BHEL cropped up on our scanner. We try to find stocks that have potential to move immediately or hit stoploss so we can move towards new trading opportunity. Its a great way to learn trading in equities with proper method.


How can traders become part of the educational channel?

By opening their "Active" trading cum demat account with our referred broker. It comes at no extra cost to the trader. You get best brokerage, stable platform and get educated on our stock scanner. When you trade through the account, a part of brokerage is paid to us which compensates us for our efforts.

Here is link to open account. Once the account is open and active (funded), we will add you to the KAM - Momentum Scanner channel on Telegram.

IIFL Account opening link:

Nirmal bang Account opening link:

Purpose of the channel:

—-0 Spam

—-Momentum Scanned Stocks from NSE1000 stocks.

—-Proper Updated Journal with position sizing and stoploss for monitoring all trades. 👈Super Helpful.

Example Sheet

—-Stock having good potential of Momentum not shared on any public domain.

—-Probability of win is 50%, but risk reward is 1:3, 1:4, 1:5+

Happy Trading

Rohit Katwal

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