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How did you overcome stock market loss after you failed miserably or you felt you should stop it?

I am trading for the last 10 years. 5 years actively. 5 years went into passive trading.

I think it comes down to How bad do you want it?

I mean, I failed in 2009 when I started reading with my father right after graduating. I blew my account.

I failed in 2010 again. Big time. I went to study MBA in finance thinking it will somehow help me in learning trading as I was from computers background.

I passively traded in 2011 and failed again. This time I stopped. But I never wanted to quit. I always knew, this is my calling.

I was broke so I had to do a job which I never wanted to, but I did it any ways. I never stopped looking at stock markets. For 4 straight years, in the evening, I kept back testing, refining strategies. Creating excel sheets of calculations of what could work and what cannot.

What kept me going was that I always knew what I wanted to do. I imagined my self into jobs and couldn't stand then. When you know that something is your only option you fight for it. In fy2018 my method of trading was different. In fy2019 it for refined and much better than before. I bumped many times but I had the courage to follow my heart.

Today also my heart beats when I take a trade. But it is dull also when I am out of the market and hence I keep my self busy by playing games, studying, movies, serials, and then I have a family.

But to your question, loss in stock market is painfull and can put you in depression. But if you truly believe that it is your calling then you find a way and don't give up.

Professional traders know that taking loss is part of the game. It is about how big loss are you taking. Now I cut losses short and let my profits run. I can have a losing day but a winning week. A losing week but a winning month. I just don't have to take a loss big enough to throw me out of market or wipe my capital impossible to recover. To play the game, you have to be in the game.

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