Update - 9 November 2018

Took some positions but exited all of them. There is no clear direction that I can take right now.

  1. Took a put calender in the morning. Exited after I thought direction was to upside and replaced it with Bull Put Spread.

  2. Exited bull put spread and took a bear call spread.

  3. Exited all in collective minor profit.

Will wait for a clear direction before initiating a trade now. I may not even take a trade today.

03:25 pm - Took a Bull Put Spread of -7 X 25500 and +7 X 25300. Collected 53 premium when I took it and just exited at profit. The way bank nifty came down in last minute is not convincing for me. I will rather sit on capital then be sleepless for two days.

No Positions right now.

Here are the trades taken.

9 November 2018 - 15 November 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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