• Rohit Katwal

Update - 9 July 2019

  • First thing I did in the morning was to hedge my 30200 PE.

  • Then I covered my 31300, 31200 CEs.

  • Rolled it down to 30900 CEs.

  • When market bounced I took -5X30900, +5X31300 CEs.

  • I also did -5X30600 CE 11th July, +5X31000 CE 18th July.

  • Later I did -5X31000 CE, +5X31300 CE.

  • I hedged my positions when in danger twice, but exited them at a loss of -600. I covered the loss on an intraday trade when I sold 31300 CE in 10 lots quantity Intraday.

Here is my overall net position:

Trade sheet updated:

8 July 2019 - 11 July 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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