• Rohit Katwal

Update - 5 May 2020

This is how I managed my positions today.

Nifty Butterfly

  1. I misread the situation at around 9370. I cleared off 8500-9000-9500 butterfly. I shouldn't have. Instead, I created a butterfly of 9000-9500-10000.

  2. Technical analysis was bullish, but Nifty had to move fast above 9400 for it to be correct. At same time, I also sold Bank Nifty 18800 PE.

  3. As soon as Nifty 9350 was, I rethought about the direction and previous signal was obviously failed. I cleared 9000-9500-10000 butterfly and re-entered 8500-9000-9500 butterfly again. With ODIN, it was easy to execute in 1 click.

Bank Nifty Naked 18800 PE

  1. I sold 18800 PE at 115 and it was trading at 150. I decided not to book loss.

  2. I got a buy signal on Bank Nifty 19500 PE. Instead, I bought Deep ITM 20000 PE at 699.

  3. I squared off the complete trade at mark to mark profit.

Nifty Calendar

This is what I executed as fresh position: -4 X 9400 CE, 7 May 2020, +4 X 10000 CE, 28 May 2020. Targeting 40 points on this trade.

Bank Nifty Calendar

Since I was bearish on Bank Nifty also executed:

-5 X 20000 CE 7 May 2020

+5 X 21000 CE 14 May 2020

Targeting 100 point on this trade.

Here is my final position:

Rohit Katwal

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