Update - 30 October 2018

I think this momentum to upside is going to stay for a while. Atleast untill 5 November.

  • I have cut my -2 X 25600 naked call.

  • I have added -3 X 23400 naked put.

  • I have added 1 bull put spread -3 X 24600 & +3 X 24400.

  • That complets my 6 lots that I intended to take. Rest of my positions I will take post 1:00 pm depending on the trend.

11:30 am -

  • Retracement hit my stoploss at 24860. Exited bull put spread that was near. Entered with more quantity in -12 X 24400 and +12 X 24200 as it was at safe distance and downmove increased the premium to desired level.

  • I also increased 2 lots of naked put sell -2 X 24300.

Nifty moving below 10190 today might be a clue to exit bull positions as it will take bank nifty along with it.

02:10 pm - Exited longs. Just in time.

02:25 pm - Entered new positions. Updated in the sheet.

Here are my positions -

26 October 2018 - 01 November 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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