• Rohit Katwal

Update - 3 March 2020

In the end with 30% of my capital I am only carrying forward a fully hedged trade:

-7 X 11500 CE of 5 March 2020 @ 27.08
+7 X 11800 CE of 20 March 2020 @ 28.18

Rational is very simple. There was no clear signal. Market is bearish. If market remains sideways, 11500 will go to 0 and I expect next weeks 11800 to go to 11 or 10 hence gaining 10 points.

Since volatility is very high, I considered it wise to clear all existing positions. Today was an inside bar day. After yesterdays 350 point move on Nifty, for the whole day Nifty traded inside the previous days price range and that too in a very tight channel. Taking position on such a day can prove to be disastrous often hitting stoploss or an unexpected gap down or gap up.

I have taken 1 put of April expiry for 10500 strike just in case.

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