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Update - 3 April 2019

  • I hate this kind of market where I have to do so many adjustments. But market has been sideways and trending for two weeks so this was expected. Plus volatility was high so I was ready for any counter movement.

  • As soon as market gave first spike after being range bound for most part of the day, I bought extra puts of 30200 to cover my self. Next step was to save Nifty bullput spread. To save that I bought equal quantity of next week 11500 puts. Then I cleared off 11850 at profit and rolled down to 11800. I then booked profit at 11800 and rolled it down to 11750. In the mean while i exited from bull put spread at a little loss but calls gave me profit. I also got out of next week 11500 put at profit. For Bank Nifty I exited all puts simultaneously and that gave me loss but I sold some intraday positions and took some for delivery that saved me from loss.

  • Currently I am holding -13 X30900 CE, -4X31000 CE in Bank Nifty and -5X11750CE, -3X11800CE in Nifty which I will let expire worthless tomorrow.

Here are the screenshots and details:

Details of my trades are shared below:

1 April 2019 - 4 April 2019.xlsx

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