Update - 28 December 2018

Just another day with a rangebound activity. With the gapup I was hoping for for market to break to the upper side, so I took a bull put spread 5 lots. But then for whole day market kept resisting 27250 which was kind of telling that we may not move upward. I exited and reversed hoping that after 2:30 we will have a decisive break but then market kept taking support at 27100. Didn't want to take risk with as low as 5 lots so I cleared for a minor ₹290/-😃 profit after brokerage. Happy with it. In our town it will be a good dinner for two.

I didn't want to expose my self to an uncertainity and currently there are many. Will see on monday how things develop. Will see on monday how things develop.

Happy New Year 🤩🥳

Rohit Katwal

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