• Rohit Katwal

Update - 26 March 2019

  • I have inverted all my position. Did give me a mark to mark loss, but its better to incur small loss than a bigger one. What we witnessed in the previous two weeks was a big rally. So the trend is positive. This sideways rally was imperative.

  • At 29400, I paid 500 for hedging cost. As soon as the market came in positive territory I left the hedge.

  • I am running into M2M of ₹17000/-. Max profit before expiry trading expectation is ₹25,000/-.

  • Highest Bank Nifty sold put I have is of 29200.

  • Highest Nifty sold Put I have is of 11350. Both with hedging.

  • I am hopeful of not having to adjust anymore.

Here are the updated positions:-

22 March 2019 - 28 March 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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