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Update - 25 June 2019

  • These are worst kind of days. Month of June 2019 is same as month of October 2018. But I don't have the same temperament I had in October. I was lucky to identify that we are sideways, so I have been doing strangle and managing them. Today, I did a lot of management with my positions.

  • I had a bear call spread on Nifty which I had to exit because market moved against me. I cant even reproduce what I did today. Every time market went against my position, I restrained from adding calls and kept adding Puts and kept rolling them up at profit to even out the loss arising from sold calls.

  • In the end, when market fell briefly for 100 points, premium for many options against me decayed.

  • Tomorrow, I intend to manage my positions again.

My current positions look like this:

21 June 2019 - 27 June 2019.xlsx

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