• Rohit Katwal

Update - 24 october 2018

As of now, my positions are safe. I dont have to exit. Given the gap up, I expect it to come down.

I have added Naked call sell of -2 X 25500.

I added a Naked put sell of -2 X 24600 for overnight premium fall.

I added another bear call spread of -3 X 25400 & +3 X 25600.

My overall loss/profit is in the sheet based on cmp's. Once Bank Nifty comes below 25100, I will be in relief. Untill then, I may have to exit at any time on market if needs arise.

01:45 pm - I might exit my call calender spread and bear call spread of 25400 and 25600 if another attempt is made to stop bank nifty from sliding past 25050. Any more big green candle and I will exit these.

02:15 pm - I made following changes to my positions: -

  • I closed 1 Bear Call Spread -5 X 25400 and +5 X 25600. In case of volatility, it was near.

  • I close calender call spread -2 X 25300 and +2 X 1Nov252600. It was not moving as expected.

  • My Naked put of -2 X 24600 may get in trouble if market breaks 24800. Didnt hedge. Exited.

  • Thinking its going to recover giving a false trap, I took 1 bull put spread -5 X 24500 and +5 X 24300.

  • I also took a naked call sell again at -4 X 25400. I am more on bearish side and little sideways from here. Added two more here.

03:00 pm - Changed my positions again.

  • Bank Nifty touched 25090 and sensed an opportunity to change positions.

  • Closed my bull put spread -5 X 24500 and +5 X 24300. Trend is overall down so thats little safe to close it.

  • Took another bear call spreads -5 X 25500 and +5 X 25700.

03:25 pm - Taken +1 X 25300 call to hedge my sold -4 X 25400 Calls from overnight danger.

Here are my open positions now.

Open positions with cmps and expected loss is in the sheet below: -

19 October 2018 - 25 October 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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