Update - 22 October 2018

Market opened with Gapup and has come below my danger levels. HDFC Bank opened with a gapup and failed to cross 2020, I have added few positions.

I have sold Call of Ashokley -1 X 120 @ 0.60 with stock price stoploss at 115. I may exit intraday.

I have added another bear call spread on Bank Nifty -2 X 25600 and +2 X 25800.

12:45 pm -

  • Bear Call Spread of -2 X 25500 and +2 X 25700 was too close to breach so I exited at loss, and sold naked -2 X 25700 to hedge the losses.

  • At first, I thought of hedging it with -2 X 24600 PE but I realized, it was a fake upmove and market may come down, so its better to do a naked sell as a hedge.

  • As of now, my Bear Call Spread of -2 X 25600 and +2 X 25800 are doing fine and I dont need to touch them.

  • Ashokley initially hit a stoploss of .10 paise. But it was a false move so I again entered.

  • Reliance is bouncing from bottom, so booked it at a minor profit and in its place, executed -1 X 280 SBIN call.

  • Hindalco looked good, so executed -1 X 240 call.

02:10 pm -

  • I have closed my bearish positions.

  • Nifty at 10200 and 10300 is witnessing put writing.

  • Bank Nifty is also biased towards bullishness.

03:00 pm -

  • Market suddenly turned.

  • Indusindbk saw a great fall.

  • I closed my positions and took some bear call spread which I have updated in the trade book.

Overall position is jotted in the trade book below: -

19 October 2018 - 25 October 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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