• Rohit Katwal

Update - 2 January 2019

  • So yesterday was a Happy New Year Lollipop which is juicing retail traders right now.

  • This whole week has remained volatile and sideways so far.

  • I am getting whipsawed but losses are limited to ₹18000 right now.

  • Hoping to recover it and close in positive by tomorrow.

  • Premiums are unusually high right now. It looks like market is digesting some news and once it is out, premiums will fall.

  • Firefighting has become new norm for few days.

  • Apart from everyday bullish trend, if we just look at the chart of Bank Nifty on daily basis, it is full of volatility which is bound to give losses.

I hope, times get normal soon. This whole 2018 has been unprecedented and tough. Till the election time is over, trumps rhetoric is there, we are in for bad times I guess.

31 December 2018 - 3 January 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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