Update - 2 April 2019

  • In morning, I was sure market will go down but whole day market struggled at 11700 and 30350 level giving up and gaining again.

  • My position in Nifty was the only one giving me trouble. So after 2:30 when nifty was down, and struggling again to move down, I took it as a reversal signal. I exitted slowly from all bearish positions and was quick to change sides.

  • Created a straddle of Nifty between 11800 and 11550.

  • Created a bull put spread of 11600 and 11450.

  • Created a Bank Nifty bull put spread 29800 and 29500. Booked it in 15 minutes and rolled over at profit to 30000 and 29700.

  • Sold additional call of 31100 in 2 lots.

Details of my trades are shared below:

1 April 2019 - 4 April 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

Telegram Channel - https://t.me/rkatwaltradingupdates

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