• Rohit Katwal

Update - 10 July 2019

  • What a sideways day. In the end, I did a lot of adjustments.

  • I closed all the put positions near 2:00 pm itself.

  • My 30900 Call came down in value. for added protection, I bought a 30800 call to hedge it in case of adverse news. (For clients, I closed 30900 completely as it was not hedged)

  • I added a bear spread on Nifty at 11600 CE, 11700 CE for my and my clients. It was lucrative.

  • Collected 20 points at 30800, 31000 CE spread. Later when market again rejected downside, I did additional hedging and bought 30700 call.

  • I also created a Nifty 11600 CE, 11400 PE Strangle various clients.

Here is how the net positions look right now:

8 July 2019 - 11 July 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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