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Technical Analysis Workshop in Una, HP on 20 April 2019

Updated: Apr 14, 2019


Details on Technical Analysis Workshop to be held in Una, Himachal Pradesh


"Feed man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life."


This workshop is being organized for a limited 20 seats. Seat Allocation is on First Cum First Serve Basis of payment received. In case applicants are more than 20, they will be scheduled for next Saturday or some suitable day at the earliest. Last Date for Registration is 17th April 2019.

What You Get and What you can Learn:

I am an active trader and I know how difficult it can be for new traders to make money in the stock market. The market gives the illusion of profits and takes it all back. We start as a day trader and due to losses, the market turns us into investors, holding onto our positions, filling mark to market losses forever. This is not the way to trade. There is a science and an art to it which I have learnt after 10 years of trading and going through it all.


'Learn the science behind the technical analysis and learn how to make profits'


Prerequisite for the workshop:

Basic knowledge of share market

Who Should Attend the Workshop:

  • People who want to make consistent profits in the share market through any period of time.

  • Anyone willing to start trading and learning pits and fall of trading.

  • Trading is about what to do and equally about what not to do. If your trading till now is not successful then you should attend.

  • People who want to earn a second income but do not know how.

  • People willing to learn to get systematic returns from the stock market without having to rely on information with no authenticity.

  • Housewives/Students/Jobbers/Employees or anyone who is thinking to invest in stock markets.

  • If you trade in the stock markets and look for active calls from television, newspaper or other media.

  • People having shares of bluechip companies, but no fund to understand how to earn rental income.

Course Content:

  1. What is Technical Analysis?

  2. The Dow Theory

  3. Charts and Timeframes

  4. Timeframes within timeframes

  5. Price and its Interpretation with Candlestick

  6. Chart Patterns and Gaps

  7. Identifying and Timing a Trend

  8. Risk Management and Position Sizing

  9. Hedging and some risk reducing strategies

  10. Trading Psychology

Course Duration:

Course will run for 6-7 hours of duration and more if required or till the doubts are cleared. Timings are 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday 20 April 2019.

What else you get:

  1. Continuous Support post technical analysis workshop.

  2. Can help you find a suitable broker with suitable brokerage according to your needs (many other facilities available in terms of broker which can be individually discussed)

  3. For re-attending session, you can attend as many times as you want at additional infrastructure support cost of Rs 1000/-

  4. Tea for morning evening with buffet lunch are on the house.


How to register your limited seat

Please make a payment of Rs. 4000/- via any of the following modes:


  • UPI – rohitkatwal-1@okhdfcbank or

  • UPI – rohitkatwal@upi


After successfully completing the payment, please share the acknowledgement of payment on rohitkatwal@outlook.com or whatsapp/telegram at +91-7018013195 and I will send the confirmation. For any queries, feel free to contact.


Call me at +91-7018013195 and schedule an appointment with me.

Post registrations, venue and timing will be shared with registrants on 17th April, 2019.

Happy Trading

Rohit Katwal

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