• Rohit Katwal

Reverse ORB returned 26% for January 2022 - April 2022

Reverse ORB algorithm performed exceptionally well during the period of January - April 2022.

On a deployed capital of 1,70,000 it returned a total profit of ₹ 44,589/- i.e. an ROI of 26%.

Even with allocation of 13%-17%, this algorithm stopped the bleeding of other algorithms by over 6% on a 10 lakh capital. I am going to share some screenshot specifically of our Reverse ORB algorithm along with capital deployed for that screenshot.

2.80 Lakh Capital

3.3 lakh Capital

3 Lakh Deployed

5 lakh Deployed

and we have many such clients where Reverse ORB worked like a charm. Going forward we are increasing some allocation to this algorithm now. We further understood that time based mindless selling of straddles is not going to work because there was no logic behind it. If a trade is taken for logical reason with backtest, it works and thats what we are planning on Algorithmic front now. Wait for more from our side on this.

Rohit Katwal

Note - Different clients have different allocation based on total capital deployed but allocation for 13-17% remains same. Now we have taken this deployment up to 20%.

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