• Rohit Katwal

Profit ₹30,000/-(Personal) for 27 March - 01 April 2020

I got caught up in 2 whipsaws this week.

I created a call ratio calendar. My mistake was that I created this calendar with weekly options. When market went against me, the hedged part of the option stopped hedging and became stagnant while the current week option was moving violently. I created 8800 CE Sell and Bought Next week 9500 CE. So when protective hedge didnt work, I had to exit positions.

Yesterday I got a bullish signal and I went long with Sell of 8300 Put and Bought 8100 Put. It was in profit but by opening market again tanked 350 points forcing me to close this position at loss too. By this time I was at loss.

I finally sold a 8400 CE at around 26-30 with stoploss at 31 and covered this at 2.3 which made all accounts breakeven or in minor profit.

Personally I had taken extra position for my self over the days in which there was no hedging but direct stoploss was put. Those trades helped me rake in profit.

Currently I am long Indus Ind Bank at 348 in delivery and have sold 400 CE of April. I am also short on Infy. Yesterday I sold 640/670 CE Credit spread and covered in profit today. Today at cross of 625, I further sold a 600/640 CE Credit spread and carrying it forward.

Trade Journal is updated.

Rohit Katwal

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