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Profit ₹1,51,347/- for May 2019

  • Ended month May 2019 with a net profit of ₹1,51,347/- only. I had a target of 1,20,000/-. I am happy to have achieved it.

  • For last week of May 2019, I made a profit of ₹44,197/- only. This was one of my toughest expiry day trading and I know how I managed my positions today. Had to take total of 85 trades.

A glimpse of what I traded for Intraday is:

Trades taken for Delivery and Expiry are updated in the sheet:

17 May 2019 - 30 May 2019.xlsx

My clients under PMS Service made a return of 1% for the last week. It could have been more, but I was not able to trade intraday from those accounts.

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