• Rohit Katwal

Loss ₹3,840/ for 2 November - 6 November 2018

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I might have missed adding some trades. Based on margin I started with on 2 November 2018 and closing on 06 November 2018, I incurred a loss of ₹ 3840/- for the week. There are few things I have realized.

  • I made a few mistakes. We had a trending week, and as a rule of thumb, I should have been on selling side in Bank Nifty for expiry near the top.

  • After doing some anaylsis I found that I have paid ₹9200/- alone in brokerage on expiry trading and another ₹ 5200/- on other days which is considerably higher.

  • Everytime I miss a trading week, it adds to my trading diary another pointer of what failed. There are so many parameters that I am working on an excel checklist so that a builtin failsafe is executed before trading.

  • I have observed, for expiry trading one needs to have initial direction right. I know traders who sell both sides in expiry trading. For me that is not the right approach as the breakout to either side can always cause unlimited losses.

  • No broker is perfect. I am continuing with my current broker for some time, and will try with another broker once. Even they are charging on higher side. But I think they might renegotiate after seeing my trading style.

  • I prefer Upstox, but they don't provide Dealer terminal so I can't handle my clients account. If current broker renegotiates on brokerage, then I will stick with them, else I will move to upstox.

Note - I havent decided what to trade today. Will post my analysis later.

Rohit Katwal.

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