• Rohit Katwal

Break-Even for April 2021

Bad starting to the year 2021 for me. Got 5 weeks to trade, but could not make profit. Coupled with weekly volatility, 3 wednesday's as a holiday, 3 mondays as a literal worst case scenario, still satisfied with the result. From November 2020 till March 2021, it is time when accounts are blown up. I am happy to have survived this.

On a normal daily charts, movement might not feel so big, but when you monitor 5 or 15 minute charts, volatility is even worst than what we experienced during first wave of Covid 19.

This is hourly chart of Nifty from March onwards.

From what we are witnessing, I have a feeling that Index Trading is going to be more tough in the coming time.

Lets see how May 2021 goes.

Happy Trading

Rohit Katwal

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