• Rohit Katwal

Analysis and Trade Plan - 4 July 2019

  • Yesterday, I hit stop loss with my 31500, 31700 CE spread. I considered getting out of it because market was touching 31400+.

  • 31600 and 31900 CE spread is fine.

  • I rolled some puts sold for 30800 tp 31000 and then to 31100. Also rolled puts of 11800 to 11850 and added some calls on 12000.

  • When market fell, I also added 31700 ce.

  • Looking at SGX Nifty, I am expecting a positive to sideways opening. Later on we may pick momentum to either side.

  • Trend was reversed in Options on Nifty and Bank Nifty. On Tuesday, Nifty was little strong but Bank Nifty was weak. On Wednesday, Bank Nifty ended strong and Nifty remained weak.

  • Call writing was evident on Nifty and put writing was evident on Bank Nifty.

  • Tomorrow, we are awaiting budget after which we will have some decisive direction.

  • I will not like to speculate right now as we are into dull markets.

  • From next week on wards, results will start to roll in which will bring further action in the market.

  • Bank Nifty is currently in sideways phase which may give a breakout soon.

  • For Nifty, I am looking at levels of 11940/11890. For Bank Nifty, I am looking at levels of 31500/31100.

Here are the details of my open positions right now:

28 July 2019 - 04 July 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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