Analysis and Game Plan - 7 January 2019

  • We are constantly moving up with high volatility. Market is moving up by giving a lot of whipsaws. This pattern will follow for some time.

  • On Friday, Dow Jones shot up by more tha 700 points and even touched 800 points due to Fed's rate hike stop commentary and trade talks start between US an China.

  • What was long Unwinding for 2 3 days turned into long buildup. Today we may look up at a gapup of 100 points on Nifty and 200/250+ for Bank Nifty.

  • Game will start after that. Whether we sustain the gapup or we fall. Financials stocks are looking strong.

  • I think after a gapuo market may go sideways, where I will take a bullish positions.

Rohit Katwal

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